Compete with the best home buyers, with a complete and thorough Pre-Approval letter.  We include extra detail, such as credit score, and assets to show the agent's that you are a serious qualified buyer.



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Want to buy a home or want to refi (refinance) your mortgage? Need cash out to consolidate debt? Bluestar has options for you. We have many unique and exclusive home loan programs. Bluestar Funding is here for you and has been for the past 15 years.


First time buyers Welcome, we like working with you


Your Mortgage loan process involves escrow, title companies, real estate agents as appraisers, all who are important to getting your loan done correctly. We work with all of the parties and eliminate much of the work for you. Bluestar Funding provides updates along the way to the clients and the agents to avoid delays and get your closed on-time.

Kicker is we get paid by the lender, not from you!

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Its pretty rare these days to be able to call the guy, get alot of his time and experience, and someone else pays.

We do mortgages, forward and reverse and generally, we get paid by the lender. Bluestar works with many lenders to get you the best mortgage and right lender, for your loan characteristics. We have many unique and Exclusive loan programs.

And frankly, we are motivated to get the loan done, as that is the only way we get paid.

With different lenders to choose from, 15 years of experience, plus the motivation, it makes sense to call us.


I not only had my house refinanced with Bluestar Funding, I had it refinanced THREE TIME with them. That's right after the first refi why not. Each time Mr Chris Weatherbee delivered. Timeline, cost, rate, and hassle free, as far as it goes on refinancing. He is a remarkable human. Guess who will be getting a call for my next Mortgage needs? BlueStar...

Thanks Mr Weatherbee

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Need a Home Loan or a Reverse Mortgage? As a broker, Bluestar has every home loan program available and can use our relationships to get you the best rate. AND, we get paid by the lender, not you.